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Realising they were short-handed, the head of operations asked if I could help take the girls, accompanied by a policewoman, back to the station. We bundled the girls in the back seat of an unmarked police car and headed for the station. I cannot say I was surprised by their responses: Parents are divorced; family has financial problems; mother works long shifts; the only adult at home is a frail grandmother; no one cares if they go to school or not; these men provide them the money and attention they crave etc.

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An accusatory tone and threats of fire and brimstone will only alienate these youngsters even further.

Should they not be counselled and protected, instead of interrogated and punished?

Probably it is due to our cultural and religious sensitivities and society’s own intolerance against forbidden relations that Malaysia does not have a “close in age exemption.” This is known in the West as “Romeo and Juliet Laws” where two consenting people under 16 (the age of consent) are exempted from prosecution.

With 20 years of journalism behind him, he has received numerous awards for investigative reporting and public service journalism notably from the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) and the Society of Publishers Asia (SOPA). Nothing much happened between midnight and 8am, meaning I had the whole office to myself and the time needed to finish pending stories without distractions.

However, if there were any assignments during this God-forsaken time, they were usually action packed; a fire, an accident, a robbery, a police shootout or an immigration and anti-vice raid on sleazy joints in the city.

Sometimes you end up not just observing and reporting the events but also being actively involved in them.