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Live web cameporn

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It's also because many of the women who do work at Microsoft are in marketing, sales and support roles and aren't among those who are "authorized" to talk to us press/blogger types.

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After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley, where she did a Washington Post internship in 1989, she worked for four years at the Palm Beach Post as a journalist.It is catchy enough though to become a hit, but with all the smiles and fancy free attitudes (let’s just leave are cherry red convertible parked in the middle of the highway and start getting sloshed on the beach at AM) it makes me wonder, do these people bleed? In the 25-plus years I've written about technology, I've interviewed fewer than 50 female Microsoft employees (by my rough estimate). Microsoft officials say women comprise 25 percent of the company's total workforce.She subsequently attended the University of Washington, going for an MFA in Poetry -- while simultaneously teaching herself Unix.While she was a student, she did a part-time stint at the Seattle Times, where she helped the paper build Web sites.Buzz off the fake blonde girl’s frizzy do and it’s doubtful this act couldn’t make it on the club circuit.

As Unknown Hinson would say, feed those girls some cheeseburgers.

The song itself isn’t offensive necessarily, but there’s really nothing of value here either. “Day Drinking” brings out the Jello Biafra in me, where I want to hate all the pretty people just for having fun, and dammit, I don’t want to be that guy; I don’t want to ruin anyone’s good time. But leave the commercials for between the songs, not during them.

The lyrics in the verses are delivered in that monotone, nearly rapping and non-melodic style that is the norm these days, and the stupid whistling and the drum line that comes in later is so Lumineers getting run over by Imagine Dragons, it screams of stretching to find a relevant sound. But this vapid, fun-loving, soul-less, shallow, frappity shit sure is ruining mine.

First it was the motorbotin’ “Pontoon”, and now this.

I have been saying for years that country music singles are simply devolving into veiled commercials for major corporations that are underwriting music amidst eroding profits.

The alcohol industry has been attempting to incorporate this recently-adopted “day drinking” buzzword into society, cramming it down our throats to create a socially-acceptable environment to start consuming adult beverages before the socially-appointed time because that’s the only way Americans can pour enough adult beverages down their gullets to keep profits rising every quarter. That’s right, Little Big Town’s “Day Drinking” is pretty much a crummy commercial; at least that’s what’s ringing in my ears—a day drinking advertising jingle.