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As a rule of thumb, a negative belief about sex is any belief that could make you feel uncomfortable in a given situation to: talk about sex, express your sexual desires, take your clothes off, have sex, and express your sexual pleasure during the process.An example could be: “I believe that sex is something that girls don’t like to talk about”. Girls love talking about sex; they just like to do it with a man that is comfortable with his sexuality, a man that can be somewhat trusted, and a man that knows how to talk about sex.

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In could be in your experience or in the experience of other people, or in movies or in books etc.Take out a paper and write down everything that comes to mind (at least 10 beliefs), starting the sentences with the following expression: “I believe that sex is…” 2) Identify your negative sex-beliefs.See if any of those beliefs are geared towards negative thinking about sex, and highlight them.This is the reason why I decided to take a few pages and share with you some of my best ideas on how to have a better sexual life “online” with your partner. We use sex for reproduction, we use it for pleasure, we use it for fun, we use it for expressing our feelings, for health and so on.So unless you’re asexual or dedicated to religion, then sex is an important part of your life, and satisfying your sexual needs is probably an issue that takes a lot of time and energy in your life, especially if you’re young.Now, besides sexuality being a physical need, it also represents an important component of a romantic relationship.

I believe we can all agree that sex is vital for a relationship to be satisfying, happy and overall to be a “complete relationship”.

She needs to know that you’re okay with it, and you won’t change your opinion about her if she does it, or you won’t judge her for doing it.

2) Here I am not talking about the kind of trust that you “won’t sleep with other women”.

3) Replace the negative beliefs with positive ones.

So, now that you highlighted your negative sexual beliefs, make sure to eliminate them.

Okay, so now that you’re comfortable with your own sexuality.