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Theoretically, sex between tourists and locals is against the law but this is hardly ever enforced.

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In 2005, UNAIDS estimated that 3,700 people in Lao PDR were living with HIV.

In the middle of this, my friend, Anan, arrives, flipping his shiny scarf.

Anan, who works as a Peer Education Project Co-ordinator for MSM ("men who have sex with men"), has been telling me about LGBT life in Laos and charming me with his infectious laugh.

For instance, a report cited by UNAIDS found increasing sexual activity among young men in Vientiane in 2004, nearly 60 percent of whom reported having multiple partners in the first six months of the year and more than one-third of whom reported paying for sex.

Many of Lao PDR’s men who have sex with men (MSM) also report having sex with women.

He closes his eyes against the rain and steers by instinct – every few moments he wipes away the water streaming down his face.