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George Washington sets his foot on a tree stump, and tells Robin it is a pleasure to make his acquaintance.Robin is shocked to find himself face-to-face with George Washington himself.

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Washington becomes insulted and, because of Robin's insolence, decides to run for team leader against Robin.A giant cloud of smoke appears in front of them, and Robin appears, announcing that he has spent the entire night making a special video for them to watch.The Titans eagerly encourage him to play the video immediately.Once the video finishes, only Starfire claps, after telling Robin it was very well made. Beast Boy transforms into a bull and begins to fight Mammoth.Cyborg and Beast Boy finally realize what Robin was doing in the video, and become angry with him. Raven suddenly flies along the line, and punches all the clones against each other with her demon fist. Cyborg puts See-More in a head lock and begins punching his face.Raven explains that George Washington didn't win through crushing his fellow candidates, he won because he inspired the country with his military leadership and humility. This time, Billy Numerous has formed an assembly-line with his clones, handing the money down from the bank to the H. The next day, the Titans are shown relaxing on the couch. The video footage shows the Titans' battle with the H. Robin tells them that the video clearly proves that he will be the best leader.

Robin tells Raven that sounds really lame, and he would have been a better president than Washington. Starfire turns on the news, and the reporter announces that the Titans have once again saved the city. Robin happily dances out of the room, determined that he has got the election in the bag.

Robin jumps on and off George's head, smothering his face in pie.

He places a Birdarang on George's face, causing the pie to explode.

Confused, Beast Boy asks Cyborg who the "old lady" is.

Cyborg tells him to show some respect, because it's the "grandma" who is on the dollar bill.

The video then plays several clips of Cyborg talking that are edited together to make it sound like he is insulting Beast Boy.