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With nothing but 15 feet of air between players and the basket, why do so many utilize a free-throw form that was originally developed as a way of shooting up and over would-be defenders?Back in 1952, a University of Colorado graduate student named John Kregel decided to test the efficacy of the two shots empirically.

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But one player kept the shot alive long after it had fallen out of favor.And all these factors are exaggerated further when we apply them to seven-foot tall basketball players shooting from closer to hoop-level to begin with.In recent years, the idea of players adopting the unconventional (and largely extinct) shooting style has come into vogue, and for good reason.He bounced the ball three times, bent his knees, and shot… Thanks to Pitino’s persuasion and Onuaku’s open-mindedness, the 6’10’’ center saw his free-throw percentage improve from 46.7 percent as a freshman to 58.9 percent last season. It’s shocking that more players don’t shoot their free throws underhanded considering it is proven to work—in many instances, better than the now traditional overhand shooting (which we’ll circle back to in a moment). The 19-year-old Onuaku has been shooting free throws underhanded (a.k.a.Looking for phone sex with dirty old grannies these 60 sluts have a lifetime of experience in sucking and fucking to share with you. We have a range of girls available to meet your every desire.

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Before his third season with the Philadelphia Warriors, head coach Frank Mc Guire was able to convince the 25-year-old giant to give the old underhanded method a try.

Chamberlain’s free-throw percentage rose from 50.4 percent to 61.3 percent during his lone year shooting underhanded, which ended up being a career high.

Johnson was a fantastic shot blocker at nearly 7 feet tall, but was an abysmal free-throw shooter, so he decided to adopt Barry’s style.

Barry even offered to impart his wisdom on Johnson, and over the course of his 14-year career, the big man turned his 41.2 percent conversion rate at the line into 81.5 percent. Assuming just half of Johnson’s degree of improvement, we can estimate that De Andre Jordan would score nearly 1,000 more points over the remainder of his NBA career if he chose to switch to the granny shot.

By shooting underhanded, the ball naturally follows a higher arched flight, and begins to come back down to earth closer to the height of the rim.