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, not for us) he is also a major heartthrob on the cw hit supernatural, a testosterone-fueled series about demon hunters that most people would dismiss as that show with the hot guys on that network that teens watch. plus aisha sets a record for gleeful swearing, and josh makes some bad choices in a small town. levar went on to join pbs’ reading rainbow, which made an indelible impact on children’s literacy in america. the kind of easygoing, charming human magnet that guys want to be around and women want to be on top of. plus joe shames aisha for not utilizing her dvr in the way nature intended, and aisha takes her licks. his scientist parents fled government oppression and censorship in pre-glasnost russia. and while he may be bloodied, he is definitely unbowed. yes, you or your man could smell awesome like this man. rove is hilarious, punchy, dry, charming and utterly forthcoming. plus rove goes native and aisha puts another shrimp on the barbie, and then immediately apologizes. since this was not possible with the technology available to him at the time, seth did the next best thing. originally created as a fun side project, the series is about to start its sixth season, and while it is still fun, the success of the show, and its creators, is deadly serious. felicia loved technology and everything it represented to a young, prodigious shut-in — freedom, friendship, entertainment, strength, unlimited mage powers.

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join robert patrick of scorpion and a zillion other things and aisha as they slice through discovering yourself, losing your roots, finding your way, staying on top, and working with clint. join scandal’s scott foley and aisha as they burn through teenage rebellion, battling your maker, rejecting structure, crapping money, building momentum, killing feelings, burning it all down, and surviving the j. in fact, at one point in his life, he wasn’t a pretty face at all. he was tiny, smaller than all the other kids his age. doctors told him he would always struggle to get around, and that he would never run. he dreamt of being an athlete, and he never accepted limitations, from himself or from others. join mehcad brooks of true blood and necessary roughness and aisha as they sprint through starting small, living through tragedy, the illusion of control, quantum physics, being eggs, learning how to read, loving what you do and escaping death. but unlike other stories, this one doesn’t end with andrew smoking hand rolled cigarettes under a bridge. plus jack needs a good hosing down, and he and aisha come up with the best name for flavored booze, ever. girl on guy is on hiatus until september 17 so aisha can climb trees, wrestle puppies, eat ice cream, punch druids, and make a hammock out of the delicate hairs plucked from the necks of hummingbirds. edward made the most unlikely move ever, from manhattan to kentucky, bringing his northern roots and modern sensibilities to bear on everything unique and delicious about the south. twitter is not for baby videos, pictures of your pedestrian breakfast, your dirty bathroom mirror selfie, or your endless lolcats and star trek memes. rob says what he wants, when he wants, to whomever the hell he wants. plus rob is flung off a balcony by a neo-nazi, and is somehow undeterred. oscar knows exactly how awesome things have turned out, and the bleak fate he barely escaped. join the office’s oscar nunez and aisha as they power through the terrible inaccuracy of wikipedia, escaping the revolution, the kindness of strangers, the heyday of studio 54, being a manny, terrifying emails, being paralyzed with fear, and throwing it all away. which is confounding, because honestly, he shouldn’t be. instead, he is lovely, optimistic, clear-eyed and raucously hilarious. join ron and aisha as they discuss catholic school, rappers, claiming your set, getting into montreal, being robin hood, tribble runs in montana, breaking your mind, and emerging from a place where nothing is possible. for almost a decade, richard sat across from roger ebert in the balcony on , ranting, raving, and dissecting the thing they both loved best, films. each moment, seemingly discrete and unconnected, leading somehow to an unexpected opportunity, an extraordinary experience. and after a particularly disappointing professional setback — losing out on a network pilot that he thought he had wrapped up — he was completely free and available to audition for a weird little cable drama. plus steven sets his sofa on fire, and then commits cold-blooded insecticide. minnesota vikings punter chris kluwe believes deeply in freedom. eventually kamau’s show caught the eye of comedy jedi chris rock, and the rest was history. join hardcore horror multi-hyphenate derek lee and aisha as they bite into the anatomy of making a horror film on a miniscule budget, take a stab at what’s fresh and what’s stale about found footage films, slice through the state of the vampire movie, punch through the pain of doing your own stunts, flay open how to make just a few dollars look like a million on screen, and dissect how to live through a headshot. the result is an elegant, thoughtful horror movie that relies on urgency, intimacy, improvisation and rock hard science to scare the living shit out of everyone who watches. but that doesn’t mean it comes without question or compromise. he needed to make a small film — shot in just a few days on a microbudget — feel expansive, impactful, elevated and surreal. if anyone can find that balance, it’s john, who navigates the space between blockbuster comedian and tentpole action hero effortlessly. this is the talk soup smash holiday episode you have been waiting for your entire life. girl on guy is just happy to look another lady in the eye. ’ and I’d be like, ‘yeah, yeah.’ ‘are we getting punk’d right now? plus blaine does something disgusting with his son. I had to do a half-hour, and then I had to windex the pole.” join ryan stiles of whose line is it anyway and aisha as they muddle through masturbating to house of cards, getting fired from golden girls, retrieving a bucket of steam, athleticism in the face of weed, organic assassinations, opening for sheena easton, adorable misanthropy, and drug-addicted squirrels. the question is out there, girl on guy, and it’s looking for you. join the soup and community’s joel mchale and aisha as they sift through the tender tendrils of their historical connection, work through doing the same job, dissect the nature of dyslexia, then insult the sh*t out of each other for an hour and a half. join the exes’ kristen johnston and aisha as they talk the exquisite beauty of construction, the abject terror of self-destruction, and the transporting joy of resurrection. “people would come into the comedy store at night, and I’d be working the cover booth, and they’d be like, ‘wait, aren’t you the guy from punk’d? My life is a punk’d.’” join the league’s steve ranazzisi and aisha as they penetrate vaginal hubris, manger destruction, the vagaries of the draft, the joy of shittalking, crapping your pants, and having sex with a unicorn. plus aisha has a shitty memory, and corey is nice enough to ignore it. plus jesse gets caught with something down his pants. and I zipped it up without even turning around and said, “could tonight get any better? and then noise from the kitchen.” Join comedian and @midnight writer blaine capatch and aisha as they titter through first night destruction, memorizing the classics, hothouse flowers, backseat gaming, sketch writing pre-internet, falling in love with crazy, and relationship euthanasia. join comedian, writer and letterman vet carol leifer and aisha as they discuss how to break hecklers, keeping the bus on the road, pitching absolutely everything, the power of social interaction, and being the easy hang. plus charles throws everything away, and it all comes right back to him again. “i would open for sheena easton at the queen elizabeth theater, and the next night I’d be at the drake strip club hosting for the strippers. join travis van winkle of the last ship and aisha as they discuss travel, vision, fear, bravery, destruction, rebirth, dropping out, turning inwards, giving back, and reaching out. join comedian jay larson of best bars in america and the crabfeast podcast and aisha as they discuss life, death, comedy, lost childhood, missed parenthood, lifelong secrets, old mistakes and new discoveries. and now he only brings it out for special occasions. join comedian dave anthony of walking the room and aisha as they burn through the solitary creative life of comics, avoiding leadership, resenting employees, absentee parenting, working clean, blowing up the club, walking the room, old people versus technology, and righting the wrongs of your childhood. he lived through, and continues to triumph over, depression and addiction. paul gilmartin is funny, but he also tells the truth. join comedian paul gilmartin and aisha as they grapple with night terrors, wrestling bears, crappy reincarnation, checking the toilet, evil obituaries, emotional incest, tumorous parents, getting your medication right, cutting out your parents and losing respect for sunset boulevard. but when he discovered acting, scott finally found a place to put all that intensity. he’s acerbic, quick-witted, dryly sarcastic, and unflinchingly barbed. and somehow he’s managed to step out from the bullet train ride of his own childhood focused, determined, driven, and devastatingly well-adjusted. it has made him a perennial favorite of director todd phillips (of infamy). join upright citizen and veep honcho of hilarity matt walsh and aisha as they spit about being valley strong, confounding public transportation, working on a psych ward, improv as mental calisthenic, building an edifice, wearing an ascot, visiting the white house, being a doer, and celebrating the gentleman gingernut. he has thrown everything away, more than once, in his relentless pursuit of happiness. put in his dues, and had his fair share of disappointments. join viking punter and hellraiser chris kluwe and aisha as they wade through reading obsessions, repetitive surgeries, position depth, the melancholy of camp, the loneliness of kicking, personal freedom and political douchebaggery. unfortunately for you, that’s an exercise in futility. with two new establishments bearing his amaro-stained handprint — hinoki and the bird in los angeles, and his own drinking establishment, attaboy, on the verge of opening in new york — sam is a very special kind of superhero — someone who makes others happy in a wonderful and specific way, by crafting bespoke cocktails, perfectly made and served with passion. and after years of doing standup that by his own account was just okay, kamau finally developed a one-man show where he could talk about what he really wanted to talk about — race — in uncompromising terms, without hedges or apology.

join bestselling author, comic book and television writer and presidential confidante brad meltzer and aisha as they whip through enduring rejection, pursuing gratification, remembering your roots, fighting your nature, revisiting revisionism and going back to your old school. girl on guy is still waiting to get asked to the dance. dave anthony found a way to unpack his rage and put it away. paul started a podcast about mental health, sobriety, and honesty, called the mental illness happy hour — a place where he, and others, could tell the truth about the darkest parts of themselves and feel at home. scott was a renegade who lost his mother as a teen, dropped out of school, fought, drank, smoked, and did everything he could to burn the world down around himself. but despite his wholesome ruddy-faced omaha roots, andrew spits hot fire. jack osbourne has seen more, done more, lived through more and survived more than most of us could imagine in even our wildest rock-fueled fantasies. matt’s improv background keeps him hilarious and menacingly sharp. both hurt at first, but turn out spectacularly in the end. as a result, oscar never felt very precious about holding onto the trappings of safety or remaining mired in propriety or convention. a straight athlete in a notoriously homophobic league stood up for the rights of gays to marry, and it was a lightning rod for a surging movement of professional athletes who have come together to stand up not just for marriage rights, but for the right of professional athletes to come out as well. especially when that freedom involves calling a politician an asshole. milk and honey is a part of a rarified club of bespoke cocktail houses: pegu club, death & company, painkiller new york, pdt – that are remaking the way americans drink. he wants us all to drink better, and having created the cocktail programs at several prominent american restaurants, he is making it so. stumbled upon his comedic voice almost by accident.

rejoin adam rodriguez of magic mike xxl and aisha as they talk about changing priorities, increasing scope, simplifying decisions, and not giving a f*ck. plus thomas pulls back the curtain on loyalty in the league. that is why it is so ironic that one of his few forays back front of the camera went so completely awry. aisha’s head has been invaded by billions of tiny biota and she was too sick to record an episode this week. enjoy this premium conversation with the wild-eyed and brilliant prince of punk rock, henry rollins. then came culinary school, a move first to switzerland, then to the us, where he quickly became one of the youngest head chefs in the world. his path led him through several television series and eventually to lost, a show with an escher-like premise and a delicate, dali-like grip on reality. kevin is prolific, he is driven, he is unstoppable. but lest people think he is retiring or licking his wounds, kevin is hard at work making a of other stuff. join kevin smith and aisha as they natter over cosmic injustice, pot burritos, doggy cunnilingus, ambivalent parenting, the transformational power of talk, traveling by magic bus, building an empire on words, and throwing it all away. now they find themselves together again, these old friends.

join robert lasardo of the new film anarchy parlor as well as a million other things and aisha as they drill through old relations, new families, tough love, the marks of experience, the power of story, and transcending circumstance. join alison rosen of the carolla show and alison rosen is your new best friend and aisha as they talk pursuit, independence, love, mixed signals, cross purposes, bad plays, unexpected upheaval and rolling with the punches. join entourage’s jerry ferrara and aisha as they rip through childhood nerdery, adult emergence, pickup lines, fresh kicks, grand gestures, big moves and bigger dreams. plus jaime stands astride the border like a giant, and gets the best of both worlds. join record-setting running back thomas q jones and aisha as they sprint through mine life, working the hoot owl, going hard for others, wanting to win, moving the goal posts, revising expectations and hitting the reset button. martin of the flash and aisha as they race through a delicious bottle of rye whiskey, and discuss all things theater, broadway, new york, television, film, vision and charm. and while he has spent years on stage honing that talent, bob prefers to labor behind the scenes. and when opportunities presented themselves, he didn’t consider whether he was ready or not. with the mental intensity of an ivy league rower with absolutely nothing to lose. built a media empire singlehandedly out of drive, enthusiasm and sheer ballsy will. and though people struggle, even refuse to accept it, he seems resolute in his decision to never make another movie again. cash went on to be a touring comedian, performing in the us and overseas, making the troops laugh in war zones and generally being much more hardcore.

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it’s just that now all that fire has somewhere to go. andrew’s story is like many others: loved theater as a child, moved from nebraska to new york city to study theater, dropped out of college to become a star. join rock prince jack osbourne and aisha as they go off the rails over the cocaine 80s, fucked up chicken, automobile somnolence, offstage ambivalence, onstage rage, hiding your prescriptions, hanging with incubus, surviving a rock star father, running for your life, the origins of the osbournes, telling the whole truth, and ozzy’s jar of shadows. twitter is not for communicating with your friends or excoriating your enemies. and while others are posting photos of their boring repasts or retweeting cataclysmic rumors already debunked by snopes, rob is writing jokes. rude, offensive, shocking, delightful, wildly reckless, undeniably hilarious. rob’s writing on twitter has garnered brought him writing offers, accolades, and almost a million followers. he is writing, and he is touring, and he is busy making funny shit. join twitter ninja rob delaney and aisha as they rave about the awesomeness of vaginas, the delight of boston ice cream, the allure of live tweeting, the agony of marathoning, puking before you perform, tony robbinsing your way out of things, and extreme self-medication. and he could have been, but for a small technicality. and when he stepped onto stage with the groundlings in los angeles, he knew he had finally come home. with all ron has been through, you might think he’d have become jaded, despondent, angry, or bitter. richard knew what he wanted, and he went after it, pitching stories to local papers while still a teen, then interning, sweeping up, answering phones, taking notes, anything to be immersed in the world of journalism he loved. that unflagging hustle paid off when he joined the chicago sun-times right after journalism school—the venerable paper where he still writes to this day, on everything from politics to media to culture, and yes, on the movies. sometimes small, sometimes monumental, always leading inexorably forward. and looking back, it seems to steven that every moment, every experience, disappointing or triumphant, led him to that one. join the walking dead’s steven yeun and aisha as they shamble through korean jet packs, cruising high school, lukewarm parental praise, audition nightmares, dirty wells, puppetry of the penis, and the changing (and changing again) of the walking dead guard. only this letter was better, more explosive and epic, than any letter you or I have ever written to a politician. chris sent it to the sports website deadspin, where he figured a few hundred people would read it. plus has a magic satchel full of cocktails and aisha weeps with unadulterated joy. he had finally found his cut, and it involved making people delight in their own discomfort.