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Germany adult chat rooms

After registering, you will receive a "welcome e-mail", that will include your chat group meeting time.

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A chat room is a virtual room where people can communicate in real time while on the internet.Parents will be assisted by fellow parents and the therapist in problem-solving difficulties they have experienced using family-based treatment, sharing ideas that have helped to take control of the eating process, helping parents choose more proactive coping, and managing acute crises.Information about eating disorders and family-based treatment also will be provided.Users type their messages and the entered text will appear on the computer monitor along with the other members' texts.No one other than the group members and therapist will be allowed in the chat room.The University of Chicago Eating Disorders Program is conducting a two-year study to evaluate the helpfulness of a therapist-guided, internet chat support group for parents using family-based treatment for adolescent eating disorders.

This study is a collaborative project with the Center for Psychotherapy Research at the University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany; participants will be recruited from the University of Chicago, the Emily Program, and two private practices in Minnesota.

In order to maximize the security of data transmission and chat communication, you will be prompted to enter your username (login) and password every time you enter the program to complete the questionnaires and participate in the chat sessions. In order to help the group therapist know how you are doing before the chat and your opinion of how the session went, you will be asked to complete questionnaires before the first scheduled session, before and after chat sessions, mid-study, and at the end of your study participation.

Your answers will be displayed as tables and graphs and will be viewed by your chat therapist only and not by other chat members.

Sessions fundamentally will be used to encourage and support parent efforts to help their child overcome an eating disorder.

In addition, sessions will provide parents with an opportunity to express both positive and negative feelings associated with the caregiving experience.

Groups will be "open", meaning that a new parent will be invited to join where a participant completes the group in order to allow parents who have just started family-based treatment or those who later decide to participate.