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I have gone through 3 attorneys and have reache the point to where I can no longer afford one. The OC continues to harass with frivolity and there seems to be no end it is one accusation after another all proven false but after $$$ have been spent.

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The problem is this: whenever i make the suggestion to a girl about doing anything like squeezeing biteing punching or kicking me in the nuts, even if they have threatend to do it before, they tell me that they could never bring themselves to hurt a guy "Down there".

My Ideal bang session would be to be makeing out with a girl who knees me hard enough to make me kinda fall down a bit, then kicks me hard, then rolls me onto my back, mounts me, grabs and squeezes like shes holding onto a bull, and then periodicly punches while were doing it till we finish.

…I that someone can give me some advice or that others are in this situation. That is probably due to the fact that we might have smudged make up and or hair is usually not wash n wear like theirs so it looks like a birds nest at times.

I have been trying to get divorced for over 2 years.

I should mention that Ive tried gradualy getting a woman to do it by haveing her hold my testicles in her hand and then gradualy build up her squeezing confidence, but she never moved onto anything and she never did it very hard.