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UPDATE: After emailing the Ouvis team over 10 days to finally get what I should do, they still had no answer as why it kept resetting itself every few weeks as everything was working as it should.Please note they are very slow on email, and due to some personal things, I was unable to call them at all and told them this (they claim it would have been done immediately if I was able to call...

Install is a pain as you have to use an ethernet cord to your router, which of course is probably somewhat hidden as who wants that eyesore around their house?! Thought it was just an error, found the box of cables, back to the buried router, reset it all.I hope you have are able to and get an immediate answer.).After doing their checks and having everything work fine, they wanted me to pay to return it and told me "see if we can make it work - if yes, we will send it back"..Now you can order a caramel flan latte at first, and later come back and ask for cup of caramel iced coffee as a free refill.Plus, according to this article, “you can buy a Grande Cool Lime Refresher, and ask for a Iced Passion Tea in that cup as a refill.” All you need to do is give your barista your Starbucks card or scan your Starbucks app. An ideal version of “The Ranch” (pruned of its laugh track and many of its cruder jokes) would be a bittersweet take on masculinity, fathers and sons, competitive brothers, and red-state men in an evolving world.

Quality is decent but motion sensor does not work for me.

Then download an app, which for the life of me, I can't figure out more than the basics... Worked great a few weeks, went away for 2 weeks, and it stopped working day 2. Came home from vacation hoping my house was ok, and the camera is turned off. Unplug, replug, turns on but still the app isn't working. A week later, sitting in my house, it randomly talks and says it reset itself to factory settings!

and if you try to set a password, it locks you out. Well now I know why it kept not working, but seriously? Contact the company, I get someone in China who asks a bunch of questions, doesn't have an answer, then sends me to a US team.

I suggest to invest in a better camera and spend a few more dollars to avoid frustration. Quality is decent but motion sensor does not work for me.

There is way too many false alarms and does not capture photos or videos.

(I'll reflect on their pitiful customer service as a seller review, per Amazon guidelines.) I bought a camera for a reason, and it wasn't so it could sit there unplugged and be useless.