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Some counsellors may arrange to meet with you to review progress.

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The only very rare exception to this would be if the counsellor thought your child was at serious risk of harming themselves or others.However, you should bear in mind that the strict code of ethics counsellors follow includes clauses about confidentiality.The counsellor is not there to judge you or anyone else in your family, their sole purpose is to help your child manage their problems and try to resolve them in a positive way.The main accrediting body for counsellors is the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).The main registering body for psychotherapists is the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).Counsellors are trained to listen thoughtfully and carefully to people’s problems without judging or criticising.

They do not give advice but support their clients to make positive decisions for themselves.

There is considerable overlap between the two and many similar skills are used in both approaches.

A great deal depends on the training of different counsellors and psychotherapists, on their experience and what they hope to achieve.

Psychotherapy may take longer and involve greater exploration of someone’s past experiences, in order to make sense of their present life.

The main accreditation body for psychoanalytically trained child psychotherapists working in the NHS, public sector and private practice is The Association of Child Psychotherapists.

It can help people talk about their experiences and make sense of them.