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It is often advised to carry an umbrella whenever you step outdoors during Amsterdam’s rainy months, and we experienced this unfortunate weather firsthand during our first day of shooting.While the umbrellas helped, the rain made for some dull looking footage, and the clear skies you see in Videvo’s Amsterdam collection are all from the more ideal shooting conditions of Saturday and Sunday.

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a small or large film set), which would require either a ‘Notification’ or ‘Appointment’ with the Amsterdam city officials.Trams are frequent around the city, and we simply hopped on and off throughout the weekend with our Sony EX1 and tripod in tow.This allowed us to capture footage of Amsterdam’s most notable sights, such as the Cenraal Station, Magere Brug, Rijksmuseum, and many of its rivers and canals, in just a few days.Of course there were a few setbacks along our video shooting journey, the most notable one being the weather.While July is typically the warmest month of the year in Amsterdam, it is also one of the rainiest – but because we’re British we’re used to that!Good thing Friday was the only dreary day of our shoot — there were clear and perfect skies for the rest of the weekend!

When shooting in cities like Amsterdam, it is important to have a wide-angled lens to capture the large landmarks and stunning landscapes in their entirety. EXII 0.6x wide angle lens adaptor for our Sony EX1, so it was easy to capture the large shots that we needed.

Paris, France, and now we are happy to reveal even more HD city clips.

In this post, we take you along our journey of filming your free Amsterdam clips, unveiling the processes underwent to capture this awesome footage and deliver it to your computer screen.

We’re back with another update to the Videvo library and this time it’s a big one – the Big Apple to be precise. We’re delighted to offer 134 brand new clips of the city that never sleeps, shot in a variety of locations by our dedicated cameraman and filmmaker, Maarten Roos. These free stock clips feature shots of famous landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, the World Trade Centre, Wall Street, Times Square, and many more.

Maarten did a fantastic job of capturing the key landmarks that have become icons in their own right.

but there is a lot of rubbish too, especially when you consider some of the prices.