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Couples looking for sexy ichat

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I don't know if he finds it sexy, but I think it is. Spontaneity often gets lost in the routine of life, but it's always sexy and easy to pick back up.Just like I would think it's sexy if he decided to write some stand-up comedy with me one day. Nothing brings you closer to your partner than doing good together.

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My boyfriend is a huge football fan and he managed to get me into it this year.Sometimes, those sexy little things mean being desirable, interesting, and, yes, exciting and appealing.Relationships are challenging, so when you find a way to feel closer to your partner, you want to jump on the opportunity, especially if it's a small act that you can integrate into your daily life.Whether it's a squeeze on my shoulder or a full bear hug doesn't matter.It's sexy, and I love that he literally can't keep his hands off of me. But you should at least make an effort to be near your partner.(Although sex is always encouraged if you want it.)Cooking can be incredibly sexy, and if you don't believe me, grab your partner and get in the kitchen.

Feed each other the food as you cook, really let yourself get into the act of chopping and simmering, and spend time together laughing and talking.

They may not sound traditionally sexy, but their results are amazing.

Not only will both you and your partner feel more desired than ever, but you'll feel more connected and intimate with them ― no sex necessary.

It's easy to just text good morning, random "how's your day going" texts, and "on my way home" messages.

Break the routine with funny GIFs, links to a news story you know they'd love, or simply remind them of how much you love them.

Plus, you're working together to take care of each other with an awesome meal. Try: Cravings Cookbook, $17.99, Amazon A no-brainer, but a perfectly sexy gesture.