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It was then used to ban the Filewich argues that this was the wrong move, writing “the emote itself is not racist, and removing it suggests that there is something inherently bad about it.All this did was trigger more spam about racist mods and racist Dreamhack taking away a global emote.“ These are mistakes that can be learned from, and according to Filewich, Dreamhack staff .

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They were a huge motivation." titled “Enough is enough”.It helps you to not make any mistakes from playing too quickly." Terrence M played four decks at Dreamhack: Aggro Shaman, Patron Warrior, Renolock, and Miracle Rogue.He said his lineup carried him to second place, but his team, Galeforce, played a big role, too.Terrence Miller isn’t a big name in the world of professional Hearthstone yet, but after an incredible run at last weekend’s Dreamhack Austin, he may soon be.After winning eight of nine matches in the stage, and fighting through three knockout series, Terrence M finished second after a close match against Keaton “Chakki” Gill.Watching it happen live provided a bleak reminder that Twitch has a problem with racism, and much more needs to be done to first acknowledge and hopefully ultimately change it.“I didn’t actually get to see it while I was playing in the event [the first day],” said Terrence, when we chatted over Skype after Dreamhack. But I heard about it right after my first interview.

Some people from the team, and management, had the Twitch chat open while I was doing the interview.

Other chatters commented on the games, made their own jokes, or condemned the racist messages, but to little effect.

As with any esport streamed on Twitch, there’s a tendency to make jokes at the players’ expense.

Sometimes those are based on appearance, and sometimes they’re based on race.

(One of the common memes involves chat deliberately mistaking all asian players for Jeffrey “Trump” Shih.) But the relentlessness of the abuse directed at Terrence M was on a different level.

The other half of the problem, which is far more serious than the process used to manage chat, is Twitch culture as a whole—that so many turn a blind eye to Twitch chat’s dark side, or even condone it.