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Chat hunk

No Fun for No One: I don't want any of you to feel as though I'm limiting you. PIDGE: oh yeah, sorry shiro No Fun for No One: It's fine, it's my fault, probably just my military training kicking in.

I see you have managed to find the old paladin communication channel! It took some time, but the data logs are still backed up in some of the old systems. I'll activate them to seek out their location.[PALACE 1 activated BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, RED]GREEN: what is this PALACE 1: Pidge! GREEN: wait GREEN: is this some sort of group chat? Princess Allura has managed to find the old data logs in the computer systems. The future of hunk-kind is at stake and they wander around, shirtlessly frolicking and calling to each other across the wetlands (or, if you insist, “swimming pool”). She wears a floral playsuit like a toddler might wear and always looks slightly haunted. I think she’s just been to other Love Islands and has seen how things can go. ” and “Can I have your number because I lost mine” (this is one hunk’s chat-up line). HUNK: …HUNK: OHHUNK: OH YEAHHUNK: Oh god I'm an idiot lol okay yeah KEITH: Um? HUNK: No, dude, it's fine HUNK: Trust me, Lance would be 100% ok with this HUNK: He gave me permission to talk about it with other people, like this HUNK: He doesn't exactly hide it KEITH: Oh. HUNK: And girls HUNK: He's bi, and very proud of it :)KEITH: I see. :)))KEITH: Did he, like, KEITH: Did he mean to send it to those guys? HUNK: Nope, that was intentional KEITH: So…KEITH: Okay maybe I shouldn't be asking this, this is like, probably super personal. PIDGE: /whisper [LANCE]PIDGE: careful lance, your crush is showing LANCE: wtf pidge how did you do that KEITH: Do what?

ALLURA: And you're assuming we're averse to swearing?

LANCE: yeah shiro, they don't mind SHIRO: We are protectors of the galaxy. LANCE: the universe can respect bofa HUNK: NOSHIRO: Bofa? LANCE: looooooool CORAN: I believe someone got into the systems. LANCE: though somehow not as funny as keith typing "haha"KEITH: Let me LIVE.

Such colorful contexts and feelings behind phrases! HUNK: LANCE: …LANCE: i can't LANCE: it's too easy HUNK: I hate you PIDGE: lmao SHIRO: All I'm asking is that this chat remains clean. HUNK: 3SHIRO: Come on, I'm not trying to be the bad guy here. HUNK: Quote of the LANCE: let lance say fuck PIDGE: #letlancesayfuck SHIRO: You see, this is exactly what I'm talking about.[SHIRO changed name to No Fun for No One]No Fun for No One: Okay, I didn't do that. PIDGE: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)PIDGE: i'm a girl of many skills HUNK: Pidge voice: KEITH: Haha No Fun for No One: Alright, very funny. HUNK: Oooo let's see KEITH: (◡‿◡✿)KEITH: He's happy.

PIDGE: sure thing No Fun for No One: Alright, you guys can swear and let off steam and do whatever you want, I'm sorry.

PIDGE: you know what, i'll just share it with the whole group KEITH: Good idea. LANCE: yeah HUNK: If you want to talk about anything LANCE: …HUNK: Or not HUNK: We could hang out in my room and play that altean chess game HUNK: I'll let you cheat LANCE: yeah LANCE: that sounds good HUNK: Good LANCE: luv ya, bro HUNK: luv ya too, bro:::[KEITH opened PALADIN ALTEAN CHANNEL]KEITH: /whisper [HUNK]KEITH: Hunk? [HUNK opened PALADIN ALTEAN CHANNEL]HUNK: I am now KEITH: Oh. HUNK: Uh yeah HUNK: Dude, it's the middle of the night KEITH: Oh.

HUNK: lmao Okay HUNK: You know HUNK: You could always talk to Lance about it KEITH: Maybe. HUNK: Yeah dude, get some rest KEITH: You won't tell Lance about this, right?