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People have helped me to integrate with other people, and likewise I have helped others to do so too.

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Within a few weeks I was taking this OUT thing in my stride and I was going to many OUT events.In December 1998 we started chatting a lot more, and in the June of 1999 we started seeing each other. Even though I've been partnered for 7 years I still come back to the site.I try and get to socials when they fit in with work and love chatting and meeting up with people when the chance presents.I have never experienced such a vast ocean of opinions, in a website before.When I first heard of a site that was not based around sex, I admit I found it hard to believe at first.Created by members for members, OUT is Alan is from Portsmouth, United Kingdom: "I was away in the Caribbean in 2005 and opened my OUTeverywhere inbox to find a message from Ian. I didn't have a photo of myself on my profile at that time; so he liked me from what I had written in my profile.

This is Edward is from East London, United Kingdom: "Having been a member of OUTeverywhere for over a couple of years now, I am not ashamed to say that I have relied on it on a number of occasions.

OUTeverywhere is ; here you are treated first and foremost as a human being rather than a sex object, and you also have the opportunity to interact with the women if you want to, as I have done.

The support forums on a number of subjects have also being of great help. " Steven is from Birmingham, United Kingdom: "It was April 2004 when I finally admitted being gay to myself after battling the stereotypes in my head.

It is this generosity from folk, as far as I'm concerned that .

I have been a member of OUTeverywhere for many years and remain convinced that it does take two to tango - the OUT team and the members, together, making the best for everyone to enjoy a common goal." Neil is from Bedford, United Kingdom: "OUTeverywhere is a place to find friends, not just acquaintances. It's a place where the aggressiveness of other 'gay communities' is left far behind, it's a great place to debate, , attend events, create your own local coffee posses and it's all done within a safe online community-based environment that thrives on its members' input.

This isn't like another site where people go on for one thing.