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Basic beginner candidly dating series sex sexpectations talk ultimate woman

This position is extremely beneficial for women as it contributes to a good control of her vaginal muscles.This posture also helps the partners to remain deeply united for a longer time.

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The woman plays an important role in this position by balancing her pelvis so that she can squeeze her lover’s lingam by contracting her vaginal muscles.This ecstatic position also allows you to meditate while having an amorous intercourse. THE SIDEWINDER If you enjoy having a good foreplay, then you should definitely try this position.In this position, you are in face to face contact with your partner and hence kissing and maintaining a regular eye contact becomes easier. Bend slowly onto him until you touch the floor and make full penetration possible.After all, it’s about awakening the spiritual energies within you. GEAR YOURSELF SPIRITUALLY, MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY While practicing tantric sex, make sure that you are healthy spiritually, emotionally and mentally.You need to interact with your own inner self, hence make sure that it’s worthwhile. SIT IN A COMFORTABLE POSITION What you need to make sure is that whatever position you plan to choose, you should be in great proximity with your erotic zones.It’s always good to keep the spark in your life alive. Well, when it comes to sex with your partner, you need to keep trying new things to keep your relationship going.

Tantric sex is one such fun category which you must give a shot once in your life.

The man embraces the woman in his arms while indulging in the act of intercourse with her.

While the woman sits down crossing her legs, the man penetrates.

This position ensures the partners to maintain an eye contact during their erotic intercourse.

This position can truly test your patience and help you control your sexual energy for a greater period of time. YAB YUM POSITION In this position, man sits in a lotus posture.

The basic idea is to be emotionally with your partner and commune with them without speaking a word. Tantric Sex uses silence as the major weapon to attain spiritual solace.