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Austria date and sex site

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We save your personal data if you choose to share them with us for instance when registering, participating in a survey, entering a competition or placing a contract (e.g. Beyond that we analyze the visits on our website with the aim to better understand our customers' needs and, based on those findings, continuously improve the online platform.

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On some websites, content and services are integrated from other providers (e.g.To deactivate the gathering of data by Adobe Online Marketing Suite, please click here.We use the analysis service ‘Click Tale’ on our website.A so-called “browser cookie” is a small text file which a web server (the web server of for example) sends to your browser when you visit a website.Cookies do not present a danger for your computer in principle, as they are merely blocks of text and not executable programs.To find out more about how your data are handled by the respective providers, please see their internet sites.

To delete browser cookies which have already been stored, you can open the links below to retrieve instructions for your browser: We use Adobe Analytics, in the Adobe Online Marketing Cloud, to host web data and information (‘data’).

On subsequent visits, and when switching between functions requiring you to input a password, using the cookie means you can save yourself the time it takes to do so.

In this way, cookies make it easier for you to use web sites requiring user inputs.

If you are inactive on our website for longer than 20 minutes (online booking) or 30 minutes (web check-in), we will automatically log you out for reasons of security.

If you frequently book online, you can save your data in a profile – that way you do not need to re-enter it each time you visit. We will treat your details as strictly confidential and will not pass them on to third parties for commercial purposes.

We make it possible for you to exclude yourself from the aggregation and analysis of your data for online marketing purposes. By clicking here, you will trigger the storage of a browser cookie. If you delete your browser cookies, you will need to perform this click again.