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Adult webcams paypal

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Porn star Tasha Reign’s Pay Pal accounts were also repeatedly closed over the course of the past year, she told Al Jazeera on Tuesday.Pay Pal's emailed responses to Reign's queries about the closures, which Al Jazeera reviewed,did not explain that they were related to webcam transactions but instead cited network “security” threats.

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An email sent by Pay Pal to Conrad, obtained by Al Jazeera, said: “We’ve recently reviewed your Pay Pal account activity and determined that you are in violation of Pay Pal’s Acceptable Use Policy regarding your sales / offers of cam shows.” Pay Pal’s Acceptable Use Policy bars people from using the service for transactions involving “certain sexually oriented materials or services.” Pay Pal does not specify what kinds of sexual materials are included in the provision and did not respond to an interview request from Al Jazeera at time of publication.She is going to lose her account completely if she hasn’t done so yet.What made the sale of an everyday product unacceptable in the eyes of Pay Pal?I am talking about having our accounts shut down by Pay Pal if they even suspect that you are involved in anything to do with the adult industry.Pay Pal has a strict anti-adult policy which they enforce to levels you would never even comprehend and this includes the sales of used clothing, articles, books, movies, artwork etc which is linked from an adult website.This was several years back, and a story he shared during a BDSM/ Fetish workshop. Fetish Educator and writer Goddess Bella Donna had her account frozen and shut down roughly 4 years ago after one of her adoring fans send her a cash gift and wrote a note of thanks including the words “my Goddess”.

Since at that time she had a chipin button (which accepts Pay Pal payments) located on one of her fetish educational sites, they decided to close her account down permanently.

Now this of course brings us to a predicament since Pay Pal is the widest known 3rd party billing provider out there.

Most adult friendly billing processors do not allow the sales of tangible goods, but only allow you to sell digital delivery products.

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It was linked from an adult webcam site, which clearly broke their TOS rules.