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We can help you avoid mistakes that could affect the rest of your life and ensure that your rights and freedom are protected. Customs Service Commissioner Robert Bonner announced the results of an investigation dubbed Operation Hamlet.

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Everyone from politicians to music stars to ordinary citizens is at risk of being snared.We have developed specific defense strategies for people who were caught in a sting, and we have used these defenses effectively in cases throughout the country.If you or someone you know has been accused of a sex crime — or if you even suspect that you may have been the subject of a sting operation — call us immediately.Within 24 hours the man was identified and apprehended along with his wife.A search of their home and computer equipment revealed information about others in the group, including a Clovis, California father of four who appeared to be the ringleader.Within a month, the agent received 500 e-mail messages, some of which included child pornography.

By the time Candyman was made public, all 56 FBI field offices were involved with the investigation.

The FBI estimates that there were more than 7,000 subscribers to the group, with around 2,400 living abroad.

Those subscribing to the Candyman group were targeted in this investigation, but other Egroups were under scrutiny at the time Candyman was announced.

Sting operations occur regularly on some of the largest and most trusted web sites such as My Space, Facebook, AOL, and Yahoo.

The undercover police will often lure unsuspecting adults into conversations thinking and then gradually introduce incriminating facts such as being under the age of 18 or, if the penalties are greater, under the age of 15.

Results: Twelve Americans and ten Europeans were arrested in connection with the group.