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A random women masturbate

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If it were our neighbors, I'd rush in to the house to scrub my eyes with bleach and steel wool. And I don't agree with your base assumption that all guys would watch gals "tickling the ivory".

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We already know how generous you are with your God-given gifts to womankind *cough* asswipe *cough*. If it were a partner of mine, yeah I would watch also.Now if it was intended for my viewing pleasure it's very erotic, but as an accident I'd feel a little sorry and embarassed and would just sneak quietly away. Now if it was the neighbour in the shower scenario, I would probably watch.(There might be exceptional cases, but this is generally true for me) The only time this has happened to me was when I was walking through the city park on a Sunday morning and happened by a dero making love to a nearby wall. it might not be funny to the person it's happened to, but on a very immature level, it's damn funny to everyone else. "Unchecked right-wing media power means that in the United States today, no issue can be honestly debated and no election can be fairly decided." -- David Brock, former conservative journalist and "right-wing hitman," author of I don't want to catch some "guy" doing it. I didn't think it was weird, but it seemed to make him feel awkward.*whitewall = to pull someone's pants down and reveal their underwear (provided they're wearing any). Some guy was masturbating on his front porch, early, early in the morning. He came downstairs a few minutes later, clothed and very embarrassed, and refused to discuss it. My SO is far more open about such things, and much more fun.It would be a different thing if a saw an attractive guy in a film masturbating. But caught unaware, with the possibility of the guy harming me..

I'd probably have to cover my mouth to stifle the surprised laughter, then walk in the opposite direction. FB The preceding post is the opinion of but one black gal and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of other blacks. Terms and conditions subject to change without prior notification. I came home from work early, and apparently rather quietly, because he didn't seem to notice that I was home.

It's like watching someone eat or pee or brush their teeth--part of just about everybody's life, and a fairly boring part at that.

If we're talking random stranger whose house I happen to be passing, I'd keep walking.

My neighbor on the second floor and her boyfriend told me that they made loud comments outside to let him know that they saw him naked...he never acknowledged it by putting on clothes or adjusting the mini-blinds.

I was probably the only one who saw the whole show If I had to guess, I'd say he was more clueless than exhibitionist.

After a few moments, she yelled out, "Put on your pants! In the spirit of the OP, assume that there is clearly no threat and that the masturbateur is not behaving in any sociopathic or exhitionist fashion. I lived in a second floor apartment, right above a nice, attractive straight guy who happened to enjoy sitting naked in front of his window.