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She’s been a tour manager on coach and walking tours for 15 years and in the off-season works in theater production and direction.Tours: Tuscany/Umbria, Tuscany/Liguria, Week In Tuscany, Amalfi Coast to Apulia Anna Sagaria was born and raised in Tuscany but her family originated from Basilicata.

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Before joining Jonathan at Amber Road she worked for many years as a translator for travel magazines and book publishers.Finding the large group tour experience inadequate for seeing and experiencing the Italy that he knew and loved he created Amber Road Tours.Jonathan and Sonya live in a small village outside of Spoleto, Umbria.So if you are worried about what kind of quality you get at that price you don't need to worry any more! If you were to buy these brands elsewhere, you can expect to pay a fortune, but at Brandlet you get both, the quality and the low prices.They have brand names you are familiar with and love at up to 90% off retail prices! Mine still needs some work and at these prices I can get a lot more for my wardrobe. There are some really beautiful pieces and I just can't believe the prices.He holds a degree in medieval history from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

An active tour guide for over a decade, Sean has a particular interest in exploring the humble and remote landscapes of interior Spain, heart of his own Castilian culture.

Tours: Central Spain, Andalucia, Northern Spain Federica Wagner was born in Luxembourg but has spent most of her life in Italy, residing in Rome.

She has a masters degree in English language and literature from the University of Milan and is a licensed interpreter and translator of French and English.

Jonathan Bassett, an alumnus of Florida State University, organized and led tours from the USA prior to moving to Italy in 1995.

He taught English in Italian middle and high schools for several years, working as a tour manager for a large company during the summers.

She studied foreign languages and literature at the University of Siena and has been a tour manager on coach and walking tours since 1997.