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I have most definately found the "pot" at the end of the rainbow with this app and I guess you will too! I had downloaded a great black and white old movie in Avi format, which normally VLC would have have been fine, but for some reason, VLC was struggling to play it. Each file would take about half an hour to convert before I could drag it on to i Tunes.

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" I had been struggling to use my iphone and ipad for streaming movies from my computer external hard drives and stumbled across this app.It can be battery/USB powered and comes with built-in charger.See details FG085 mini DDS Function Generator FG085 is not only a handy signal generator of many common signals but also an accurate servo tester/controller.It is battery powered with two standard BNC probes included...See details DSO096 - 5MHz Pocket Oscilloscope DSO 096 is a new member of JYE Tech oscilloscope family with greatly enhanced frequency meter.See details Accurate Capacitance Meter This capacitance meter can easily measure down to 1p F while the up end goes to 500u F and more.

Range selection is automatical and background capacitance can be zeroed out.

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I hadn't held up much hope to be honest after trying several other apps claiming to make all this stuff easy.

You can imagine my absolute joy when after following the on screen videos, it all clicked into place and I now have everything exactly as I want it. :0)Everything good they say about this app is right. I used to spend forever converting my video files so I could then put them on my i Pad.

Player Xtreme is a video player worthy of the elegant i Pad.