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On your first year together, have a relaxing and romantic weekend in Boracay by walking barefoot along White Beach’s powdery sand (you can visit Puka if you prefer a less crowded beach), catching the famous Boracay sunset, and having dinner and drinks at the beach.

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Reviewed by Guy Hashimoto Once known as The Pearl of the Orient, Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, is a sprawling metropolis of over 13 million inhabitants.Its location along Roxas Boulevard across from Manila Bay makes it one of the top local spots for Manila citizens all year long.Many newcomers to Manila are keen on exploring the city's vibrant nightlife.After you walk through Intramuros, make a stop at Rizal Park.Rizal Park, named after the country's national hero Jose Rizal, offers a pleasant ambiance for both couples and families alike who wish to take a mid-afternoon stroll.Among the many Manila excursions, make sure you opt for one which offers to visit the Malate District. Here you will find people of all ages enjoying the night with their friends.

Have a drink and dance until the early morning at one of southeast Asia's most famous bar districts.

Many people I know don't like Manila, saying it's overcrowded, dirty, polluted etc. The city's convenient location in the south pacific has made it one of the busiest and most diverse places in the world.

These things are typical in many big cities and capitals all over the world. SM Mega mall has made huge upgrades since I was last there about 3 yrs ago. From Spanish colonial architecture and horse-drawn carriages to modern architectural marvels and an exciting nightlife, Manila has everything you're looking for.

After your night out on the town, Expedia recommends a visit to the Philippine National Museum.

As one of the most popular attractions in Manila, the Philippine National Museum features relics, artwork, and artifacts dating back five hundred years any tourist would enjoy. As such, Expedia recommends tourists carry a map with them at all times.

Carrying one will ensure you see all the things to do in Manila before you make plans.